Coronavirus Affecting IT Industry

This new coronavirus continues to affect all industries around the world, from technology and sports to entertainment and politics. Coronavirus Affecting IT Industry, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency on March 13. This is the de facto measure after the closure of Italy. Many companies have closed their factories and banned business travel. Important cultural facilities such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York have been closed. The political rally has been canceled. Additionally, major tech industry events such as E3 Game Show, Facebook F8, Geneva Motor Show, Google I / O, and Mobile World Congress have been canceled.

On March 11, the same day the WHO declared a pandemic, the NBA suspended the remainder of the season. Other cultural events

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Miami Ultra Music, etc.

The festival has been postponed due to the coronavirus that affects the computer industry

COVID-19, a disease caused by the new coronavirus, has killed more people

More than 6,500 people have been infected with more than 167,000.


The company announced on March 13 that the Worldwide Developers Conference will be online this year only because the coronavirus is affecting the IT industry.

Until March 27, Apple closed retail stores around the world except for China. iPhone makers have previously closed 17 stores due to the closure of Italy. The company’s 42 Chinese stores were previously closed, but have since reopened.

CEO Tim Cook allows the majority of the company’s global employees to work from home. The company is also reportedly restricting travel to Italy, China, and South Korea, cleaning offices and stores thoroughly.

Many Apple retailers in New York City have reportedly run out of iPhone 11 devices as of March 6.


Google said on March 9 that it had restricted visitors to offices in New York City and the San Francisco Bay area, canceled all interviews, and ordered Korean and Japanese employees to work from home.

On March 10, Google announced the COVID-19 Fund. This fund provides paid sick leave to all temporary workers and vendors around the world who are unable to start work or are in quarantine due to potential coronavirus symptoms.

Restrictions on business travel to China and Hong Kong.

Coronavirus affecting the IT industry


All employees in Seattle, Puget Sound, and the San Francisco Bay Area recommend that they “must work from home by March 25.” President Brad Smith said he would continue to pay regular hourly wages to campus workers, even if he reduced their work hours.

Microsoft announced on March 12 that it will cancel the Build 2020 in-person developer event. Officials said the billing program will take place in mid-May, around the same time that regular meetings were scheduled.


The next re-MARS meeting in Las Vegas has been canceled. This conference was in its second year and focused on artificial intelligence and robotics. All guests who purchase the ticket will be refunded the full registration fee.

We launched a corporate rescue fund connected to Amazon to provide employees affected by the coronavirus with wages for up to two weeks.

An employee at the Seattle headquarters said the test for SARS-CoV-2 came back positive and is currently under quarantine.


We have created a support team to help public health authorities respond to epidemics. According to the company, passenger and driver accounts confirmed or registered with COVID-19 may be temporarily suspended.

In Mexico, around 240 user accounts will be temporarily suspended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus after contacting two drivers who may have been exposed to the coronavirus.

If public health authorities individually request a COVID-19-diagnosed driver or UberEats courier to self-quarantine, they will receive up to 14 days of financial support while the account is on hold.

Tech Industry Events

Several major industry events have been canceled or renewed From coronavirus concerns. Included:

The keynote address and product launch at Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference, which typically takes place in San Jose, California, and is attended by approximately 10,000 people, was canceled on March 16. Nvidia announced that it will continue its online training session starting March 25.

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