CMS vs Custom Website Development: Which One is Best?


A standard CMS is a previously designed software with a predefined interface and some basic functionality. These CMSs tend to allow users to some degree of personalization to suit their needs. However, there are more important restrictions.

A custom CMS is basically built from scratch. It’s “essentially” here because it’s usually written using an open-source framework (code library) that other professionals have created to optimize travel time using other professionals. Is called. In this way, developers can create custom websites that are 100% suited to the core needs of all clients.

This is a frequently asked question when starting a new web project. Do I need to choose a CMS (Content Management System)? Or do you need to implement a custom web application? And this is a fair question for technicians or non-technologists. Each option has its strengths and weaknesses, depending on the situation. So it’s essential to have complete knowledge about both if you want to decide the best selection between CMS vs custom website development.

Which is better, a custom website or a standard CMS?

One of the questions clients often ask us when presenting these options to clients is: The truth is that for WAM, we always choose custom development because it offers great flexibility and is a scalable model. However, a standard CMS may be a good solution.

In any case, if you choose between them, here’s what it needs so you can decide for yourself.


One of the main concerns clients have is the price. Real custom development is more expensive. Nevertheless, they tend to be more profitable over time

Development time

In this regard, developing with a standard CMS can save you a lot of time as there are many plugins that you can quickly add to your project. The fact that you can use preset templates can reduce the time it takes to develop templates.

ROI and conversion

To dig deeper into the subject of ROI, industry professionals specializing in custom web development will get higher ROI than development projects created using standard templates.

User experience

This image plays a visual role in attracting users and increasing sales. Logically, custom development has more potential to make your website visually appealing, easy to use, and efficient when it comes to creating a satisfying user experience.

SEO positioning

Another reason to choose a custom web is that it’s built from scratch, which improves SEO’s position in search engines. All development is based on major search engine settings. It’s easy to overlook the close link between web development and SEO.


Only you know what path your business will take, and you need a website that can keep pace. Custom websites are highly scalable and give you access to where you want them. It depends only on you and your developers.

Clean code

This is often out of the question because it doesn’t show up, but clean code (code that’s easy to understand and change) will make it a lot easier in the future.


Website performance improves user experience and its ease of use. That’s why this is another important aspect to consider. Custom web development gives better results because it uses only the code needed to meet the requirements of the project.

How do you need to decide?

Custom CMS options are much more exciting, but they don’t have to be a solution for everyone. For example, if your requirements are not large and your budget and time frame are limited, you should choose a more standard option.