Bubble.io Software Development vs. Custom software development — A Brief Overview

Primarily, Bubble is another software development tool that makes programming possible without coding. As it is a no-code app building platform that helps to support you build applications and software without employing programming/coding. Because in the past, codes were essential to build or develop an app. But now with the advancement in technology, we can build different software applications without coding. So, bubble makes it possible to develop both MVP and medium-sized applications in a hassle-free fashion. Bubble provides a complete utility to develop applications with the help of both individual and team of developers, providing real time activity tracking and self-hosted infrastructure.

Bubble vs. Custom Software Development

With the success of WordPress and its many counterparts, website builders became a niche of software products. Because they offer a definite kind of a standardized CMS system to both implement and present application screens to the end-users. The standard custom app building process requires highly technical persons to understand the coding or programming language. Nevertheless, nowadays a startup can easily build the app or software utilizing some non-coding application or tools. But some of them also prefer custom app development due to some of the key disadvantages and limitations that CMS and app builder has to offer.

So in this article, let us tell you the most exclusive features of using the bubble software. Furthermore, we will also discuss certain differences between both bubble and custom app development.

Let’s move forward!

Why Custom Development is Always Better?

A custom software solution provides full access and control to the code base and business logic. It provides a way to build secure, scalable, robust, and fault-tolerant applications. The development documentation acts as a gateway to know the core foundation of a custom application. It simply gives you control to further tweak the software application for future up-gradation. Custom app development is a go-to approach if you want stability and scalability in your software application. The sky is the limit for you, as the only limitations are the boundary conditions of your business logic. You can literally build, customize, enhance and repeat as much as you like through proper version controls in custom application development.

On the other hand, a website or an application made in Bubble or any other app builder is not favorable for scalability and robustness. As, there are significant changes that you may end up having unnecessary features or codebases, and removing them may even result in a breakage of the features that you may dearly need in order to execute your business logic.

How Can Bubble Software Be Advantageous?

Bubble.io app builder is a one-stop platform to build an application without any coding. It offers features such as templates and plugins. Inspired by Wix, templates are used to initiate the revamping of your software application by using drag and drop controls to add actions and content as per your need. Plugins are used to extend the working functionality of your Bubble app. Bubble.io offers not only its own built plugins but also showcases its custom-built plugins too.

Distinct Features

· Develop any web app with no code.

· Provides you the total design freedom.

· Provides their own hosting infrastructure.

· Helps you to expand, review and measure app performance and analytics.

· Helps in collaboration, developer’s monitoring

· Provides private access control and management for any given application.

Disadvantages of Bubble

Generally, the websites and apps constructed with Bubble software or other CMS are slow. Because each added feature comes from either a plugin or an extension. Contrarily, when you write a custom code, everything functions faster as the core engineering underneath your main procedures is developed to perform optimally fast. Each software engineer makes a definite approach and creates a unique practice that is entirely appropriate for a definite task at hand. In this way, you can save milliseconds on features and can get the results more rapidly.

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